You know that feeling when you first realize you love someone deeply, wanting to SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS! The "When Sidewalks Smile" Project is Poppa Chuck's love for the street communities, SHOUTING it from the sidewalks, and now from the bookshelves of treasures hidden in his heart.

"As a result of the budding passion within me, learning to treasure the hearts of the misunderstood and often ignorantly judged outcasts of society, I wanted the world to see the love, talent, intelligence, beauty, and wisdom of these kids and all the other untraditionally housed residents of our societies.

Yet, it appears there is another side to all this, something I hadn’t thought of while writing of my experiences. And that is, that these treasured souls of mine, who camp along roadways and sidewalks, who call it their home. That they would see, through these stories, the actual beauty and love that each of them not only possesses, but they ARE." ~Poppa Chuck